Aqua Park Mania

We viewed way more than we thought we would the first 2 days of the trip that we decided to do something spontaneous on the 3rd. What better way to do so than head to a water & amusement park! I personally hadn’t been to one before so I was super thrilled to get the opportunity to do so. Through our online searches we found one that had lots of good reviews and was fairly easy to get to with public transport called Hydromania.

Wooshing and swirling down the water slides I felt like I was a kid again, tons of fun! The park also has a restaurant to get food and ice cold drinks so its a perfect way to relax after zooming through all the slides. An ideal location to take a step back, leave all worries at the gate and enjoy being carefree, whether it’s with the slides or at the adult pool to get some quiet time.

After a couple of hours at Hydromania we decided to walk a little further into to streets of Rome and saw loads more incredible buildings as well as ruins and if it weren’t for my aching feet we would’ve continued walking till sunset!