Back to Nature

I might be speaking from a personal point of view or this could possibly resonate with other amazing people out there that being out in the wild and pure forests brings you so much peace and contentment.

After all the sightseeing in Rome this was the perfect way to end our trip. An hour by train to Terni from the Termini station and a short bus ride later we found our way to the Cascata Delle Marmore water fall. Created by the ancient Romans, it is the tallest man made waterfall in the world with a total height of 165 m.

The waterfall in situated in the Marmore falls park that has a couple of easily accessible and clearly numbered trails. The climb to the top is approximately 1km, aided with a couple of steps. The gradient isn’t too steep however I did break a sweat on the way up! We came across some really cool rock formations and a tunnel that leads you direct to an insane amount of spray at the end. I wasn’t up for getting soaked though, perhaps another time. Once we did get to the top, the view and much appreciated cool breeze were well worth the walk up.

It just so happened that as we were making our way out of the park we spotted a hiking trail that had a sign pointing to Castel De lago, a familiar name seen in prior searches online so we took off!

The first 20 minutes of walking were very strenuous, I was sweating so profusely that I would compare it to water pouring out of a shower faucet. Not very comfortable however, the gradient evened out after that and it was quite a pleasant hike for the next 45 minutes or so. By that time my body had adjusted and took the walking a lot better to the changing gradient.

Somewhere along the way we stopped to eat some pizza sandwiches we got prior to walking and took the chance to get much needed water in our systems then off we continued as soon as we saw gray clouds pooling in the skies. Safe to say we made it to the end of the trail approximately three and a half hours later mildly damp from the rain shower earlier on but exhausted with aching feet. Total walking time of around 5 plus hours from the time we started at the entrance of the waterfall.

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After so much activity the one thing we definitely needed was some good food and wine and knew just the place to visit again! Madre Terra, a vegan restaurant that has fresh and mouth watering twists to all their food, not forgetting their much appreciated generous measurements for glasses of wine had us back again to try the delicacies. My partner and I got fried rice balls as a starter, unfortunately no pictures were taken as we scoffed them down before they could cool down but I must say the texture and flavour definitely had us curious yet again for the main course. I chose to have ravioli and my partner had pasta tossed with some secret sauce because we couldn’t figure out the flavour, both dishes were absolutely divine and filling. We barely had enough space for the creamy chocolate pudding with cashew nuts but we ate it all somehow.

By the end of dinner we were fully satiated not just on the scrumptious food we’d just had but also on the entire experience we’d had in Rome as a whole. It would be such a Joy and pleasure to be back in Italy someday!