Spanish Style, first glimpse

The final destination in the Europe tour was Spain. An absolutely vibrant country rich with culture and really impressive mountains!

My introduction to the largest country in Southern Europe was the town of Castelldefels located a mere 20km’s from Barcelona, a place known for its long beach which we definitely had to see. Strolling down the beach with the calm waves splashing on the shoreย I felt at peace, something about the ocean always seems to soothe me. To top it off we lazed around in the sun and had some potent yet refreshing and tasty Sangria. The following day we definitely had to see Barcelona and of course the Sagrada Familia. The enormous church definitely was a sight to see. The details already on the structure were just jaw dropping and that just made me wonder what the final masterpiece would look like.

After our enlightening day we travelled to Bilbao, in the north of Spain. The first thing that caught my eye was definitely the mountains, very green and dominant features all around. The short bus ride from the airport to the city centre gave a glimpse of the neat town however, actually walking within the little cosy streets tucked together really broadened the view of the city. All its gems hidden from plain sight. The city coming to life after Siesta gave life to an amazing aura and energy all around. Stores filled with locally made crafts, street musicians playing all around, kids playing and having fun, lovebirds walking hand in hand from the young to the elderly was amazing to see.

Then it was onto Amorebieta to spend a couple of days in a cosy guesthouse in the mountains. You could feel the pure energy just radiating from all the nature around,ย  which was much needed and appreciated after spending so many days sorrounded by a lot of people. At times its nice to experience other peoples good energy but at others you need to focus on buiding andย  maintaining your own. Being sorrounded by nature always helps massively with doing just that.

The hike we took at Urkiola National Park, 22km’s from Amorebieta was definitely the toughest one I had taken in my life. Having a goal of reaching the top and also having an encouraging partner really did help me not give up and I must say,ย that reaching the peak was the proudest moment I have had in a really long time. Achieving something I never thought I could simply because I had put limitations on myself and in that moment , laying on the grass at the top of the mountain exhausted and attempting to catch my breath I realised my life did not have a defined path or way to go but it was up to me to change my way of thinking to be able to achieve what I thought was impossible.



1st time in France


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My first couple of blogs will be about a lot of firsts for me because that’s my reality, I hope you enjoy!

The next European country I went to last Autumn was France. The vibe was definitely more intense than Denmark, more touristy which is alright but I personally prefer more laid back destinations. However I’m not taking any credit away from the country, it is full of amazing structures and statues and boasts a lot of vegan options which was amazing!

The Eiffel tower is such a magnificent structure, I was barely able to look all the way up without craning my neck with a very romantic feel in the evening after the lights came on around the entire tower. That moment I definitely felt the hype about Paris being the city of love. The Louvre museum unfortunately wasn’t opened on the day we went so we could only appreciate its beauty from the outside, we’ll go back one day to see the inside! Not forgetting the medieval Notre Dame church which just left my jaw gaping with all the details on its structure. So many things to take in with only a couple of hours with which to do them in.

Accommodation as well is pretty affordable if you stay in hostels which are located all around the city. Vacation doesn’t have to be about staying in the fanciest places because you could save a lot of money just by staying at hostels where the atmosphere is rather airy if you’d like to socialize or you can just laze around without feeling the need to be overdressed to live up to the standards of top hotels. However, if you do need a little time either for yourself or some private time with just yourself and your partner or even Family then yes hotels all the way.

We stayed at Peace and Love Hostel which had a relaxed vibe and was right in the city center with self service kitchen for people that enjoy being master chefs! The hostel does have happy hour almost everyday however, the rooms are located upstairs therefore you could barely hear any noise from downstairs which was amazing.

You can’t go to Paris and not see Mickey! Disneyland was the next stop with a full day planned at the amazing theme park. Goofy and I just happened to be matching, I promise I did not plan my outfit to look like his! A little stop for a vegetarian pizza and refreshments then it was back to the rides, the one I vividly remember is the ‘hall of fame’ roller coaster which had me screaming at the top of my lungs. Yes to Disney Land for adults and kids. The plan was to stay from around 10 am till 8pm when the bus would drop us back in Paris city center however, by 4pm we were well spent and opted to take the train back which was under 10 Euro’s each and ran every 15 minutes.

We took our time walking around the streets of Paris, absorbing all the amazing infrastructure and were famished by the end of the day so decided to spoil ourselves a bit by looking for a great vegan restaurant and we came across Tago Mago which is an independently run cafe with a great host, Laurent who clearly loves what he does. We could definitely feel the love that went into preparing the food. To top it all off he had an impressive selection of music and that;s the first thing we noticed walking in. Pretty chilled afrobeat music was softly thumping through the speakers and I could not help but move to the rhythm of the beat, the beer I had might have added to my jovial mood but only slightly as the scrumptious food and host already had me hyped.

It was also a perfect opportunity for me to practice my basic French but I felt really awesome trying to say a few words here and there!

So much to see and do, so the 3 days we had had to be fully packed with things to do but we had a blast, stay tuned in for the following France trip later on…. ๐Ÿ™‚






From Africa to Europe

The first thing I had to adjust to was the change of weather. Traveling from plus 30 degrees Celsius to an average g of 13 degrees in a day was quite a change but I did enjoy staying in a different climate for a change.

The next stop after Copenhagen was Arhus which is the second largest city in Denmark, still vibrant but not quite as hectic as Copenhagen. Being in Arhus I was able to dive into the history of Denmark a bit more by visiting the old town open air museum which was like stepping back in time, quite literally. I could almost imagine carriages strolling past the narrow cobblestone streets and of course I had to try out the street food which was another first time experience for me that I thoroughly enjoyed. They had a couple of vegetarian options to choose from and I most definitely had a food party!

From Arhus it was straight to Bornholm, which is a danish island on the Baltic sea. The first hike taken had to be at the hammershus ruins which is Scandinavia’s largest medieval fortification with views of the coastline and sea surrounding Denmark, not forgetting the dense Forrest with majestic trees. One word, breathtaking.

After a long hike, we had to see Dueodde beach which is located on the southernmost tip of Denmark and is well known for its very fine white sand. Of course there had to be ice cream involved. I couldn’t just walk by the adorable all pink ice cream house that was calling my name, that would be rude. Haha…


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