Overnight Camping Getaway

There’s something exhilarating about a spontaneous decision to do something fun. In our case it was the decision to spend a night out in nature . No fancy cabin or luxury accommodation, just a 2 person tent, sleeping bags, delicious but simple food supplies and fully charged phones to make sure we’d be able to buy our bus tickets the next day!

In the Northern part of Central Copenhagen, approximately 5 km’s from the town of HelsingΓΈr is a little gem called Gurre Lake that is sorrounded mostly by woods. The perfect location for a getaway.

About a 5 minute walk from the main road we hit a clearing from all the trees that gave way to a view of the beautiful lake but the main camping ground was a little further down the walking path. A log situated right by the waters edge was the perfect location to sit and enjoy the calm energy of the water. Bug spray is a definite must especially in the warmer months of the year as the mosquitoes seem to party all day and we unfortunately forgot ours! We were saved by the smoke that eminated from our picnic grill a short while later.

We made a quick stop to the grocery store prior to heading out to make sure we got some food for the night. In the style of keeping it simple we purchased some vegan cheese and burgers, whole wheat bread rolls, ketchup, salad and cherry tomatoes not forgetting the super affordable picnic grill to aid us with starting the fire quickly. Our lovely friends gifted us with some Croatian Red wine when they paid us a visit a couple of days earlier which we packed of course with some plastic cups to add a fancy reusable touch. I normally prefer crispy white wine however this red wine wasn’t as overpowering with the flavour that I have felt with other red wines. I forsee a wine tasting trip in Croatia sometime in the future. Hopefully that is!

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The burgers were absolutely divine and super filling, we had 2 each! The amazing thing with not using pots and other kitchen utensils is that the clean up is super easy and quick. After a short walk around we decided to head back to our tent and prepare to rest for the night, watching the light fade away with the sunset whilst nice and cozy in our sleeping bags from within the tent personally is one of those simple moments I won’t forget.

Sometimes when you strip away all the extras, simplicity is so fulfilling.