Spanish Style, first glimpse

The final destination in the Europe tour was Spain. An absolutely vibrant country rich with culture and really impressive mountains!

My introduction to the largest country in Southern Europe was the town of Castelldefels located a mere 20km’s from Barcelona, a place known for its long beach which we definitely had to see. Strolling down the beach with the calm waves splashing on the shore I felt at peace, something about the ocean always seems to soothe me. To top it off we lazed around in the sun and had some potent yet refreshing and tasty Sangria. The following day we definitely had to see Barcelona and of course the Sagrada Familia. The enormous church definitely was a sight to see. The details already on the structure were just jaw dropping and that just made me wonder what the final masterpiece would look like.

After our enlightening day we travelled to Bilbao, in the north of Spain. The first thing that caught my eye was definitely the mountains, very green and dominant features all around. The short bus ride from the airport to the city centre gave a glimpse of the neat town however, actually walking within the little cosy streets tucked together really broadened the view of the city. All its gems hidden from plain sight. The city coming to life after Siesta gave life to an amazing aura and energy all around. Stores filled with locally made crafts, street musicians playing all around, kids playing and having fun, lovebirds walking hand in hand from the young to the elderly was amazing to see.

Then it was onto Amorebieta to spend a couple of days in a cosy guesthouse in the mountains. You could feel the pure energy just radiating from all the nature around,  which was much needed and appreciated after spending so many days sorrounded by a lot of people. At times its nice to experience other peoples good energy but at others you need to focus on buiding and  maintaining your own. Being sorrounded by nature always helps massively with doing just that.

The hike we took at Urkiola National Park, 22km’s from Amorebieta was definitely the toughest one I had taken in my life. Having a goal of reaching the top and also having an encouraging partner really did help me not give up and I must say, that reaching the peak was the proudest moment I have had in a really long time. Achieving something I never thought I could simply because I had put limitations on myself and in that moment , laying on the grass at the top of the mountain exhausted and attempting to catch my breath I realised my life did not have a defined path or way to go but it was up to me to change my way of thinking to be able to achieve what I thought was impossible.



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