From Africa to Europe

The first thing I had to adjust to was the change of weather. Traveling from plus 30 degrees Celsius to an average g of 13 degrees in a day was quite a change but I did enjoy staying in a different climate for a change.

The next stop after Copenhagen was Arhus which is the second largest city in Denmark, still vibrant but not quite as hectic as Copenhagen. Being in Arhus I was able to dive into the history of Denmark a bit more by visiting the old town open air museum which was like stepping back in time, quite literally. I could almost imagine carriages strolling past the narrow cobblestone streets and of course I had to try out the street food which was another first time experience for me that I thoroughly enjoyed. They had a couple of vegetarian options to choose from and I most definitely had a food party!

From Arhus it was straight to Bornholm, which is a danish island on the Baltic sea. The first hike taken had to be at the hammershus ruins which is Scandinavia’s largest medieval fortification with views of the coastline and sea surrounding Denmark, not forgetting the dense Forrest with majestic trees. One word, breathtaking.

After a long hike, we had to see Dueodde beach which is located on the southernmost tip of Denmark and is well known for its very fine white sand. Of course there had to be ice cream involved. I couldn’t just walk by the adorable all pink ice cream house that was calling my name, that would be rude. Haha…


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