Throwback to the inception of Destination Adventure :)

This is my 1st official blog post!! It seems almost surreal doing this because it has taken me so many months to muster up the courage to finally go through with is. It hasn’t all been me though I must admit, I’ve had so much help from my partner through his kind words and reassurances and sometimes that’s all you need to go through with something you know you need to do.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, September 2017

This picture is an unforgettable memory for me because this was the 1st time I had been to Europe (not first time out of Africa) but a first for the amusement park!Β  No, I have not been living under a rock.

I grew up and spent most of my childhood years in a landlocked country in Southern Africa, called Botswana. Some people might have heard of it because it boasts quite a number of diamond mines. It is a lovely little gem with a lot of raw land still plentiful but also boasts one of the largest tourism sectors in Africa, with that being said I wasn’t exposed to luxuries like rollercoasters spinning wheels simply because we didn’t have them in the country. South Africa, Botswana’s neighbour does have amusement parks but for some unknown reason I never made time to try it out.

My first day in Copenhagen however, my introduction to the city was going to Tivoli where I tried most of the rides and I felt like a little girl again! That was the start of me thinking about my life from a different perspective….




















































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